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Anal Sex with a Condom

Like condoms, it appears that, although not designed for the purpose, female condoms do work as an effective barrier during anal sex. A study in the United States of 14 male couples using the equivalent of the female condoms found that, although no leaks or tears were found in any of the sheaths used, all of the men found design and usage difficulties, 'which were primarily due to lack of experience and knowledge' of the product.

Provisional guidelines for anal sex with female condoms

  • 1 - The easiest way to use the female condom for anal sex is to wear it like a `male' (penile) condom. Put lubricant in the female condom and then place it over the penis (or a dildo). Use plenty of lubricant on the outside of the female condom or around your partner's anal hole before having sex.

  • 2 - Alternatively, you could try to insert the female condom in the rectum first, as for vaginal sex. Use plenty of lubricant around the anal hole, and loosen it with a finger in readiness for the female condom. Make sure your fingernails are cut short

  • 3 - After removing the female condom from its wrapper, hold the inner ring between your thumb, index and forefinger, and squeeze it so that it forms an oval. Don't remove the inner ring, as this will lead the female condom to become tangled, and could lead to breakage

  • 4 - Push the female condom up into your rectum as far as you can, using the inner ring as a guide, whilst spreading your anal hole with your other hand. You may find this easier if you raise one leg onto the side of the bath, or a stool

  • 5 - Then put your index finger inside the female condom, until you feel the bottom of the inner ring. Push up as far as you can, but do not insert the outer ring

  • 6 - You will find that the outer ring, and perhaps a small part of the female condom, are on the outside of your arsehole. That's meant to happen, and should stop the female condom from slipping inside

  • 7 - Use more lubricant inside the female condom, to keep it moist, and add it whenever you need it during sex

  • 8 - Check every now and again during fucking that the outer ring of the female condom hasn't slipped inside your arsehole, or that his penis hasn't slipped between the female condom and your arsehole. If it has, stop, remove the female condom, and use a new one before starting again

  • 9 - Don't re–use the female condom. Some gay men are reported to have used a female condom as a semi–permanent barrier to HIV, having sex with multiple partners. The female condom is designed for vaginal sex and for single use. If you use it more than once for anal sex, we don't know the strains that it could put on the sides of the sheath, which might easily tear. And if you get a lot of semen in the female condom, we don't know how effective it is in holding it in, or whether any seepage into your rectum could take place. It is likely that having sex in somebody else's cum would also be dangerous for your partners

  • 10 - Removing the female condom. Because the female condom lines the inside of the rectum, your partner doesn't have to withdraw immediately after coming. You can remove the sheath when it suits you, making sure that no semen is spilt. Twist the outer ring to keep the semen inside, then pull gently. Throw away the used female condom.

Gay men's use of female condoms
Female condoms were the first product developed to offer women more control over HIV prevention methods. The condom was approved in the USA in 1992 for vaginal contraceptive use. Latex male condoms have been associated with usage problems including, breakage, slippage, latex allergies and lack of control by receptive partners. Although female condoms are essentially not designed for the purpose, some gay men have used them and it seems they do provide an effective barrier during anal sex.

Research published in the March 2003 edition of the journal AIDS has assessed the safety and acceptability of a brand of female condom called Female Condoms for anal sex among gay men. The study enrolled 56 monogamous seroconcordant gay male couples who had not used condoms in the past three months were randomised to use latex male condoms or the Female Condoms female condom for anal sex. On study entry the men were given 10 Female Condoms or lubricated male condoms to use with lubricant during the following six weeks. In the second six weeks the couples crossed over and began using the other condom type.

The condom has two polyurethane rings and a thin, loose-fitting polyurethane sheath which in laboratory studies has been shown to be impermeable to viruses and less likely to rupture than latex condoms. Since it is made of polyurethane it can be used with both water-based and other kinds of lubricant. In this study couples were advised to remove the inner ring to reduce potential rectal trauma and bleeding.

Receptive partners were more likely to report pain or discomfort with the Female Condoms rather than the male condom. Both partners were significantly more likely to report Female CondomsTM condom slippage during use or withdrawal. Rates of condom breakage were similar for Female Condoms and male condoms.

After using both sets of condoms , both active and passive partners were significantly less likely to be willing to use condoms in the future with partners of unknown HIV than they were to be willing to use male latex condoms; (21% of receptive and 26% of insertive partners would be willing to use condoms, compared to 61% of both receptive and insertive partners who were willing to use latex condoms. The main reason reported by those who would be willing to use the condom with future partners of unknown HIV status were that the condom was more comfortable, easier to use, and perceived to be stronger and safer.

The researchers suggested that gay men who are considering using the condom might require training relating to slippage and methods for avoiding semen spillage that might expose the anal mucosa. They added "further work is warranted on design modifications, safety and acceptability of the condom in HIV-negative gay men".

Anal Sex with a condom Q&A:


  1. Female Condoms gives the receptive partner a way to protect himself. It can be inserted any time prior to sex. It warms up on insertion.
  2. The polyurethane material used in the Female Condoms sheath is stronger than the latex used in conventional condoms, yet it is soft.
  3. Female Condoms gives broader protection because it covers the outer area of the anus and the base of the penis during anal sex.
  4. Female Condoms does not deteriorate when oil-based lubricants are used.

DON'T TEAR Female Condoms

Be careful of sharp objects, like rings or sharp fingernails.


Get familiar with Female Condoms's unusual shape and looks. See how it hangs outside of the anus when in place, lining the anal cavity. Make sure you are comfortable inserting Female Condoms before you use it in sex.

Take out Female Condoms and look at is closely. Be sure the lubrication is evenly spread inside the pouch from the bottom to the top by rubbing the outside of the pouch together. If you need to, add more lubricant. Simply give one quick squeeze of the extra lubricant provided. You can decide how much more you and your partner would like once you try it on. You can also use oil-based lubricant.

TO INSERT Female Condoms

Be sure the inner-ring is at the bottom, closed end of the pouch. If you wish, add extra lubricant to the outside of the pouch for extra comfort when you insert Female Condoms.


  1. Hold the inner ring between thumb and middle finger. Put index finger on pouch between other two fingers, (or)
  2. Just squeeze.

Still squeezing Female Condoms with your fingers, insert the device through the anal opening. Take your time. If Female Condoms is slippery to insert, let go and start over. Note that the inner ring helps insert Female Condoms. It also helps to hold it in place during sex.

Now push the inner ring and the pouch the rest of the way up into the anal cavity with your index finger; for maximum protection, the inner ring should be inserted past the sphincter muscle. This step may be hard to do on the first or second try.


When you are ready for sex, insert Female Condoms, making sure the outside ring lies outside the anus. About one inch of the open end will stay outside. While this may look unusual, this part of Female Condoms is protecting you and your partner during sex. You can add more lubricant either inside or outside Female Condoms for extra comfort.


You may notice that Female Condoms moves around during sex. Moving side-to-side of the outer ring is normal. It will not reduce your protection. Sometimes Female Condoms may slip up and down in the anal cavity, riding on the penis. However the penis should remain covered by the pouch and any fluid stays inside the pouch. But, if either you or your partner notice the outer ring being pushed into the anal cavity, STOP. Pull the outer ring so that it lies outside the anus and add extra lubricant to the opening of the pouch or to the insertive penis. Make sure the outer ring lies outside the anus. If the penis starts to enter underneath or beside the sheath, STOP and reinsert within the covered anus.


To take out Female Condoms, squeeze and twist the outer ring to keep any fluid inside the pouch. Pull out gently. Throw away in a trash can. Do not flush. Do not reuse.


What do I do if the outer ring is pushed inside when the penis enters?

STOP. Remove Female Condoms and insert again according to these directions. Put extra lubricant at the opening of the anus. We suggest lubricating the insertive penis before you begin to put Female Condoms back in.

Why would the outer ring go inside?

As you know, we all have different anatomical sizes. In some cases, the amount of lubricant in Female Condoms may not be enough. If the outer ring does go inside, remove Female Condoms and add extra lubricant at the opening of the anus before putting it back in.

Will Female Condoms bunch up inside?

Female Condoms should not bunch up inside if it is inserted right and if there is enough lubricant in the sheath. If either you or your partner notices the outer ring befin to slip inside, STOP; pull the outer ring to lie outside the anus. Add extra lubricant.

What do I do if the penis is inserted outside the outer ring?

STOP. Remove penis. Be sure the outer ring lies flat over the anal area.

Will Female Condoms rip or tear while I am using it?

Studies show that it is unlikely for Female Condoms to rip or tear during use. If this does occur, remove it right away, throw it away, and insert a new Female Condoms.

Is Female Condoms too short?

No. Female Condoms has been designed to fit the averaged size penis.

Should I or my partner wear a conventional condom while using Female Condoms for anal sex?

It is not necessary because in effect Female Condoms is a condom, covering the penis and the anal cavity during sex.

Can Female Condoms be used for fisting?

No. Female Condoms is designed for penile insertion only.

Can Female Condoms be used in oral/anal sex?

Yes, providing the outer ring remains outside the anus and all contact is protected by the barrier sheath.

Can Female Condoms be used in water sports activities?

No. Female Condoms is not designed for activities involving urine.

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