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What Size Condom do I need?

Most condoms will fit most people just fine. The average size condom is roughly 7" long and just over 2" across. If you are less than 7" just don't roll it down all the way. Simple as that. If you are not 2" across you can buy smaller size condoms which are less than 2" across. For gentlemen who are longer than 7", which is a very small percentage of the population regardless of what anybody says, there are larger size condoms available. If you are unable to get a hold of a tape measure a good rule of thumb is to use a toilet paper roll tube. If if fits you about right you are normal. If it is a little loose you are probably better off with a smaller size condom. If you won't fit at all you need a larger size condom. Remember, condoms are supposed to prevent fluid transfer and should be tight enough to not fall off. Unless you are busting the seams off a normal condom, a larger size condom is probably not for you. At the same time, a condom should not be painful or to tight. Experiment around and find the condom that's right for you!

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