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How to Put a Condom on Video

Protect Yourself' is the new sex-ed video that features an attractive young woman showing how to put a condom on a cucumber. This video has been produced and paid for by the Montgomery County Public School system. The video will was to be shown to all 10th grade students who attend sex-ed in the county this spring 2005.

Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum recently obtained a copy of this video directly from the school system through the Maryland Public Information Act. This information is being posted here as a public service to the parents of Montgomery County School children. We believe it is important that all parents are fully aware of its content before they allow their children to view it.


Click on the link to view a short portion of the 7:30 min video*:


In this video the young woman makes many strong points, some of them include:
Opening the condom Holding the condom
"Remember to use a condom for oral, anal, and vaginal sex"
"When used correctly and consistently, condoms can be about 98% effective"
"Look for condoms with spermicide"
"Choose latex condoms...that have a reservoir tip, this is a little space at the end of the condom that catches semen"
pulling out the condom discuss condoms

"...never use baby oil or vaseline...always choose water based lubricants, like K-Y Jelly"
"Buying condoms isn't as scary as you might think"
"Putting one on seems pretty straightforward too, but this is the part where everyone makes mistakes"
"...always get consent before becoming sexually active...this means getting a verbal yes...from your partner..."

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