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Condom Shapes

Decisions, decisions. With so many shapes and sizes available these days it's becoming difficult to choose the right condoms. This informal visual guide offers some digital pictures of your favorite Trojans, Lifestyles, Durex, Kimono, Pleasure Plus, Inspiral, and other best brand condoms. We hope these pages will help you choose the condoms that are right for you!


avanti black enhanced black extra black high
Enhanced Pleasure
Extra Sensitive
High Sensation
pure protection
ultimate feeling        
Pure Protection   Ultimate Feeling        


non lubricated black kiss o black lubricated black ribbed
ultra   xtra strength   exrra pleasure
Snugger Fit   Ultra Sensitive   Ultra Strength   Xtra Pleasure


enz black extended black large black non lubed
Trojan ENZ
Extended Pleasure
ribbed   supra   ultra pleasure
Pleasure Mesh   Ribbed   Supra non-latex   Ultra Pleasure
ultra thin   xtra strength        
Ultra Thin   Xtra Strength        

Other Brands

inspiral black kameleon black kimono black kimono sensations
Kameleon Tri-Colored
Kimono Sensation
pleasure plus   ria   trustex
MAXX   Pleasure Plus   Ria   Trustex

Note: Images are for illustrative purposes only and represent approximate shapes and sizes. These images are not meant to provide exact detail, size, or texture of products sold on the website, and should not be used as product size comparisons.


Condoms come in all shapes and sizes. This chart should help you in pick the right condom style that will aid in making condom wearing more enjoyable.

condom picture Reservoir Tip Condoms

These are regular condoms. The reservoir tip acts as a trap to collect semen.
condom picture Non-Reservoir Tip Condoms

These condoms feature a straight wall design without a reservoir tip. These are mostly used in the healthcare industry and for oral sex.

condom picture Form-Fitted Condoms

These condoms provide a better fit and more comfort.
condom picture Studded Condoms

These condoms have raised bumps for added sensation.

condom picture Ribbed Condoms

These condoms have raised lines on the shaft. These lines help in stimulation the vagina for added sensation.
condom picture Special Shaped Condoms

These condoms feature a "Baggy" pouch on the head. Condoms like the the Pleasure Plus, Twisted Pleasure and the Inspiral use this pouch for extra stimulation. The extra headroom for him makes it less restrictive and better feeling. The excess "Bagginess" will hit upon her most sensitive regions to help in creating extra sensation.

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