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Vibrating Condom Rings

Introducing the Vibrating Condom ring. Just slip it on and in a few seconds, you will take your love making to new heights with increased pleasure for both you and your partner.
vibrating condom This is a Brand NEW award winning vibrating condom product which differs from traditional condoms that tend to decrease pleasure. The vibrating condom will add excitement to your sexual experience while help to prevent AIDS and other sexually transmitted disease. Now you can practice safe sex without losing satisfaction with the vibrating condom. Designed, tested and manufactured to be safe for humans and the environment

The vibrating condom can help you stimulate you lover, by sending vibrations through your penis.  With the vibrating ring, each time you thrust into your partner you will send an instant wave of extreme pleasure, right where it counts.  The tiny vibrating head will, when it touches the clitoris, send a wonderful feeling of extreme pleasure at just the right time.  The Vibrating Condom gives the ultimate stimulation for both you, and your partner.

Strong vibrations provide exciting stimulation for both partners. Most vibrating condoms run for up to 18 minutes and is recommended for one to two uses. The vibrating condom can be turned on or off at any time and is powered by a light battery that is safely enclosed with a soft silicone shell. The vibrating condom can be used with any condom.

Along with added pleasure for both partners, the vibrating condom has also been shown to prolong erections and help lengthen sexual fun.

There are many different types of Vibrating condoms on the market these days. Here are a couple of pictures of the most popular ones:

Xtreme Ring
mini condom ring
CVR condom ring
condom ring

Vibrating condom rings are a great buy because you can use them with any condom you currently use. Just slide the vibrating condom ring over the condom on your erect penis and you're ready to have some fun :).

Be sure to look for a vibrating condom ring that offers adjustability if you're wider or narrower then the average size. If it's too tight it can cut off your circulation and make it uncomfortable. If it's too loose the vibrator will move around and no longer sit in it's most effect spot for your partners stimulation.

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